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Awakened Community

Awakened Community - Where the “new normal” is NOT the new normal

Awakened CommunityAwakened Community* is a fantastic group made up of thousands of like-minded individuals and businesses who have come together to support each other and to share places to stay, eat and drink, shop, find services, work and do business where the ‘new normal’ is NOT the new normal and no one is discriminated against, particularly in regard to their health status and whether or not they choose to wear a facemask. We welcome members who share our positive vibe and believe in the freedom of choice when it comes to what we put into our bodies, wear on our faces and when, where and how we travel and work.
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Awakened Community

If you want to engage with our group, please join our Facebook Group here. We embrace equally, those who are fully aware, those who have only recently started on their journey of awareness, and all those in between.

The Awakened Community website is now live, and as well as offering FREE business and event listings (all easily locatable by users on the interactive map) to promote those who share our values and a news and info page, a private chat room is being developed and many other useful functions will be added along the way.

Awakened Community

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*Awakened Community does not condone the sharing of places to avoid, the boycotting of any business, or the discrimination against those with differing views. We are proud to encourage tolerance and compassion.